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Commercial Key Holding

There are many issues to consider when your team members respond to alarm activation, these include:

Is someone available 24 hours a day 365 days a year?

What happens if your nominated key holder is on annual leave or unavailable?

Have you risk assessed the lone working for when a member of your team responds to an alarm activation out of business hours?

Have you put in place suitable risk mitigation/control measures to reduce this risk?

Beacon provide Key Holding and Alarm Response services, so members of your team do not have to put themselves at risk.

Our licensed, vetted and monitored security officers will respond to your alarm activation.

If it is a false alarm, a calling card will be left and a report emailed to you. If an incident has occurred our team will liaise with all appropriate contact, following escalation procedures we have agreed with you.

Please see below for our Commercial Key Holding Information including pricing

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