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National Careers Week With The Burgess Hill Academy


Oliver Lashley

On the 6th March, I was delighted to be able to present an assembly to the Year 8 students at the Burgess Hill Academy on behalf of Beacon. I was then also more than pleased to be invited back to help take part in a ‘speed networking’ event with the year 9’s who are fast approaching their GCSE’s.

As the year 8’s filed in to the assembly hall on Tuesday morning I was reminded of my time at school, and how the wants and goals I had at their age contrasted so heavily from what my aspirations are now. And that was one of the main messages I tried to convey to the pupils whilst I was talking. That it is very likely that plans change and nothing is concrete in life, but as long as you have a willing to drive for something and are always on the look out to better educate yourself and improve your surroundings, then the sky is the limit.

I also spent a bit of time letting them know about the importance of failure, and that it was okay to fail, as long as you put that feeling of failure in to pushing forward with your passions. It gave me great pleasure to explain to the school children my personal journey from leaving school to arriving at Beacon, and it was fantastic to tell them about what it was I now do, working with Beacon and the brilliant time I’m having, working for a company that offers so much, to many different people right the way across Sussex. The assembly filed out at 8:50 and I even made it back to the office without missing any of my day!

The Speed Networking event on the Thursday was another early start, and was preceded by some networking with the other employers in attendance. Once the students were introduced to the room they had only a couple of minutes to try and guess our professions in teams of 3, and we could only answer with yes or no questions. After the allotted time, we told them what it was we did, and just how we got there. Yet again another fantastic opportunity for us at Beacon to not only help give advice to the students at the school, but also the chance to network with some other great local businesses.

It is important for a business that wants to exist and succeed within a local community, to show willing to help out other members of the community, and in this case a school and it’s students. That’s why we here at Beacon are more than happy to work alongside the BHBPA to achieve this.