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Covid-19 Statement

16th MARCH 2020


Beacon are committed to the safety of our team, customers and general public. Beacon have a robust business continuity plan that is regularly tested and updated. In recent days we have activated the business continuity plan to provide the basis for our response to the ongoing situation with Covid-19.

From Tuesday 17th March 2020 all team members who can work remotely will be doing so. Our offices will be closed from this date to visits from customers and the general public.


Our business is our people and we will take all steps to protect and support them.

Many tasks within the security and cleaning divisions cannot be carried out with remote working.

We have taken steps to ensure that our team are protected including encouraging team members to take time off/self-isolate as required, giving them access to the latest advice and HR support.

Beacon have a series of Approved Network Partners (APN’S), these are pre-vetted suppliers who can provide Beacon with additional team members on a flexible basis We are confident that we can carry on delivering our services, supporting our customers and the wider public as this situation continues for the foreseeable future.

We are providing operational advice, updates and equipment for our team including items such as hand sanitzer for team members who do not have hand wash facilities immediately available.

We are working with our equipment and chemical suppliers to minimise the risk of shortages.

We continue to take guidance and updates from Government, Public Health England, the NHS and other relevant bodies.