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Blog Post 14 - Looking to the future!

Hi and welcome back to the blog. This week I attended the first breakfast meeting of the Burgess Hill Business Parks Association, in which we listened to a presentation from Sally Blomfield of the Mid Sussex District Council, and she explained to us the vision for Burgess Hill over the next few years and where local Business might fit in to this.

As someone who's lived in Burgess Hill for 18 of my 21 years, I was hesitant to get behind the town's planned expansion - especially living so close to the so-called 'Northern Arc' that's being created. However once I started to realise what it meant for the town and the opportunities it will create for the people within it, I came round to the idea. I think a brand new town centre will be great for Burgess Hill and the proposed Business park to be erected near the Triangle Leisure Centre will hopefully attract even more business.

What this could mean for Beacon as well, is the ability to grow and interact with a whole new range of Businesses planning a move in to the town - and picking up a few clients and forming some strong working relationships along the way never hurt anyone! It shall be interesting for sure to see what direction the next few years takes in terms of upping the buzz in the town, and it will be fantastic to have Beacon become a part of that and be able to offer it's services to the new and existing companies that reside around us.

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