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Blog Post 31 - Beacon in Business Edge

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Welcome back to another Beacon Blog! I took a short break after the last blog with Jacob as we began to proceed with a new unified schedule for our social media. As usual we’ve been very busy especially as we’re in the midst of the festival season, supporting a number of events, including the Firle & Country Vintage Fair. Speaking of events, there is a chance that, if you’re familiar with the Sussex Chamber of Commerce, you’ve seen the recent copy of the Business Edge magazine. If you have managed to read a copy, you will have seen an article written by me on event security. It outlined the various considerations you may need to make when planning an event of any scale, large or small, including correctly vetting staff, how to maintain and track visitor numbers and more. Hopefully it helps to give event organisers new and old a few helpful tips to think about, that we consider from our side as Event Security providers.

Coming up in the near future we shall be providing support at the Burgess Hill Town Council’s outdoor screening of Spiderman: Homecoming as event sponsors, so if you’re in the area on the 15th September be sure to head down and check it out as it’s a free event, and be sure to say hello to the Beacon marshals who’ll be helping to ensure a smooth running event! See the poster here: https://www.burgesshill.gov.uk/sites/www.burgesshill.gov.uk/files/Outdoor_Cinema.pdf

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