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Blog Post 30 - Work Experience Week

Blog Post 30 –

Blog Post 30 –

As mentioned in the previous blog, this week’s blog was going to be co-written by Jacob Luciani, who has been shadowing me this past week, and learning a bit more about what it means to market a business to the public and to potential clients. I aimed to show him a number of different tasks and activities that I usually undertake in a standard week and I was incredibly impressed with the inputs he had to make! Allowing younger people to engage in business and learn more about how organisations operate from day to day is so important, as it equips the younger generations with the necessary skills to succeed in their own career endeavours.So without further ado, I’m going to hand over to Jacob who will tell you a bit more about his week.

‘I have definitely learnt a great deal about Beacon and the marketing side of a business this week!

On my first day with Ollie I was introduced to the regular activities the Beacon team perform and how he conducts his job in marketing the business to prospective clients. We started off by constructing detailed process maps on how to successfully market to a customer with the aim of achieving a sale and then retaining a repeat customer. I learnt that there were lots more steps than I expected in getting to the objective of marketing - the sale. For example, first you need to find out how to best present your marketable services and how you do this depends on the nature of the business.

On the second day we started looking into how to gain email subscribers to release the quarterly newsletter to. We had to think of new methods in getting subscribers that also align with the new data protection laws. Later on that day we started to design the format of and write up the client newsletter brainstorming ideas to keep clients engaged and interested in our business processes, events and achievements. I also helped Ollie finalise the staff newsletter.

On Wednesday we moved on to analysing social media marketing and seeing what content got the most engagement, we figured out we need to keep up regular posting but not post to much that clients see us as spammy, where as we wanted to keep up our professional image. We used Facebooks business feature to check what past posts had attracted the most engagement and why. We then started to plan future social media posts using hootsuite planning to maximise engagement. On this day I learned how important it is to maintain a professional image on social media (even for your individual employees who also represent your business).

On Thursday we began to research commercial opportunities and began to write about how Beacon is unique in the services we provide. We also discussed how we can describe our services to make us stand out.

On my final day me and Ollie attended the Brighton Chamber of Commerce to gain contacts with other businesses who might be interested with our service now or in the near future. The meeting was very engaging, and I met lots of interesting individuals and learned about what their business does and who they are. Towards the end of the event we listen to a speech about the success story of a drama school head teacher and how she ended up in her dream job role.

I have had an amazing week at Beacon learning skills I will hopefully use in the future as I want to pursue a career in marketing. Everyone at the beacon team has been very kind and helpful, but I would like to give a special thanks to Ollie for teaching me vital skills and talking his time to teach me about his job role.’

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Ollie & Jacob

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