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Blog Post 29 - Sponsor Success

Beacon Blog Post 29 – Sponsoring Success

Hello everybody and welcome back to the Beacon Blog for the 2nd time in July. This week saw us sponsor one of the Sussex Chamber of Commerce’s hugely popular construction forums! The event was held on Thursday morning and was busy, despite a certain disappointing football match the night before (something tells me the full English breakfast may have had something to do with that!) The morning was a great success and I was happy to represent Beacon at the event and chat to many of the company’s in attendance about how Beacon could potentially benefit those in the construction industry with out various security and training services. Our manned guarding, mobile patrols and void property inspections can benefit the construction industry and our Health & Safety training courses can keep their site staff safe. We heard from several interesting speakers, including Nicola Thomas from Brighton & Hove Community Land Trust about the creative ways affordable housing is being generated in unique destinations. Many thanks to Ana, Jack, Alison and Andy at the chamber for putting on such a great event and keeping everybody’s spirits up the morning after such a sad climax to England’s world cup run.

We have another event next week, the Chichester Expo with Network Xpress. We’re looking forward to heading out West once again after the success of the Fontwell Park Racecourse B2B race course, and hope to see some familiar faces as well as meet some new ones too! Also it is worth noting that our next blog will be written by myself and Jacob, who got in contact with us asking to shadow myself for a week, which commences the week after next! Hopefully he’ll have some good things to say about my ability to impart wisdom! And what he’s learnt whilst visiting us.

Until next time!

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