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Blog Post 23 - The Importance of Good Customer Relations In The Security Industry

Welcome to the Beacon Blog. This week I’m going to take some time to talk about how the power of good customer service is often underappreciated in the Security Industry.

At Beacon we pride ourselves on our team’s ability to work well with our customers and their clients. We’re also very lucky to have the reviews to back this up, with our customers often expressing their satisfaction with our staff.

Since joining Beacon I have noticed more and more that in the security industry, a sector that demands professionalism and discretion, a positive workforce with an exemplary reputation counts for a lot. It is important as a security company that we are recognised as a trusted brand and operate with the utmost privacy and integrity to our customers.

However not every company manages to maintain this image. Unfortunately, due to the often-unsocial working hours, or the sometimes-confrontational aspects of working in security, the priority for good customer service can become lost. However, and this is certainly the case for Beacon, our staff understand the necessity of positive customer relations, in making sure any job we assist in runs as smoothly as possible. Understanding customer’s concerns and helping to deal with issues they may be having is integral to a happy and productive workplace.

And in the public eye, if our staff maintain a friendly and approachable disposition, we tend to find this is in turn met with a less hostile surrounding environment. So, by instilling an ethic of professional, approachable and friendly working values within our team, we create a happy Beacon team, happy customers and happy members of the public. And this isn’t just achieved by grand gestures, often it only requires a few simple words to make sure everybody leaves a situation feeling happy with the outcome. This may take shape in being open and honest with clients, attempting to answer any questions posed by the public as best as possible, or even just greeting people with a smile and a hello. Whilst there’s a need in the industry to be in control of any situation and maintain a strong presence, we at Beacon don’t feel the need to remove the human element of the job, so if you see any of our team out and about across Sussex, don’t be afraid to say hello!

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