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5 Tips for a Successful Event

Hi Everybody,

This week i thought i'd share with you 5 awesome tips that will help make sure your event runs as smooth as possible! We'd love to hear your own tips, so please feel free to message them to us and we'll tweet them out!

1) Plan, plan, plan

This one kicks off the list and might seem somewhat obvious, but you'd be surprised at how overlooked it often becomes. If you're running an event with a lot of attendees, make sure every avenue is covered. When planning it's always a good idea to involve others and get 2nd, 3rd or even 4th opinions on how to ensure a great day!

2) Calculate you costs

This one is important, as it means that your guests are sure to be able to have a shared great experience. It's no good running a beer festival and running out of beer because you didnt effectively budget for a large influx of guests! By running calculations and predicting how many attendees you may have, you can be one step ahead and keep everything stocked up and even better, you can avoid large waste costs once the event is over.

3) Market early

There is a thin timeframe in which to begin your marketing of the event. Too early and people will become complacent and forget, too soon and you may not drum up enough of a response to get a good number of visitors! For a large scale event of a couple of thousand, it may be good idea to run unified social media activity and other advertising for 6 or so months leading to the big day/weekend!

4) Find a good price

This goes hand in hand with point 2, but requires another level of thought. Of course when you run these events your goal is to provide something people love, but you also would like to make some money im sure! Finding event sponsors can be a good way of generating some much needed economic resources and means you can charge a reasonable price to your customers!

5) Hire Beacon EventSafe team

This last one's not essential (well we think it is!) but our events team have years of experience running events such as Lewes Bonfire and The British Heart Foundation London To Brighton Bike Ride. We will work with you to strategise leading up to the event, and will be on hand to support your team and ensure you have the best event possible! For more information give us a call on 0800 999 247 9 and we'll be happy to have a chat!

Til next time,


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