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Blog Post 18 - Out of the Office

Blog Post 18 – Out of the Office

Welcome back to another blog post for the Beacon Group. This past week has been an interesting one for several reasons. The choice of title has two meanings, first for the 2 days off I took at the end of last week to go wandering through the New Forest as part of an early Valentines day trip. And secondly for the chance I got towards the end of this week to head down to Worthing and experience first hand the Training that Beacon delivers.

It had been agreed by a number of us that it would be great for me to see Paul teaching students, sit in and invigilate on the exams, and to also gain a better understanding of the whole process of Training, so that I may be better informed when it came to responding to our customer’s enquiries.

I arrived at the venue at 10:30 to catch the last few minutes of Paul’s lesson prior to kicking off the exams and saw in an instant why it is that Paul has such incredible reviews on our Facebook. He was engaging, inclusive to all and providing the would-be Door Supervisors with some valuable information. All of the students were actively participating and answering questions, and the pace at which they were covering topics meant that no one was being left behind – even I began to pick up a few things!

Getting the opportunity to meet a number of the learners with whom I’d had some dealing with in the booking part of the Training process, and listen to how positively they were talking about the course was a real testament to Paul and Beacon Training.

If you’re at all interested in training, whether it be our Security Courses or even First Aid etc. we’d love to hear from you, so just get in contact through the links below, or via email to customer.services@thebeacongroup.co.uk , and one of our team will be in touch!

I wish all the learners I met luck with their exam results, til next time!


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