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Blog Post 17 – Maintaining Professional Relationships & The Security Industry

This week I’ve been inspired to write this blog post by a brilliant talk by Jono Oswin of Jiminy Consulting, courtesy of the Sussex Chamber of Commerce’s Networking Breakfast.

The talk covered several points on creating and maintaining professional relationships with clients. I learnt a lot and came away thinking ‘how could I apply this to my own situation and better myself, to improve the experience the clients I come in to contact with have, when working with Beacon?’

The question I posed to myself is an interesting one, as I realise that, of course, the security industry is much different to any other industry. Security is a sensitive area and often requires discretion and professionalism whilst operating.

During the talk we were introduced to 4 main branches of successful relationships in business: Trust, Anticipation, Knowledge and Objectivity. Each of these values is important for different reasons and are equally necessary in order to ensure the best possible delivery of a service. Trust is of course at the forefront of most client’s minds when consulting with a security company. We may have access to your building or premises and it is paramount that we have built a strong enough relationship for you to trust us to be on site performing our duties.

This trust can’t be built without us first using our initiative and acting in a pro-active manor. This is not just regarding searching for new clients to commence relations with, but throughout the delivery of our services. I am happy to say that I know that our Operations team are pro-active in their assessment of various situations and willingness to extend their duties once confirmed by the client. When guarding a site, or attending an alarm activation, there are numerous things that could potentially affect the situation and arise unexpectedly, and that’s why it is of the utmost importance that our team members are pro-active in their work, and why Beacon are so highly regarded.

Initiation runs parallel with knowledge. Our combined experience means that our team are well prepared for any situation and can further cement the trust our clients have in us. I myself may have only been in the company for a few months, but I’m already learning so much from the wealth of expertise of those working around me.

Finally. Objectivity largely focuses on ability to be empathetic to your clients’ needs and issues and providing a suitable response. Honing this skill in turn usually results in a longer and stronger working relationship with the client, as it highlights that we are just as interested in achieving your goals as you are.

Working in the security industry relies heavily on building a trustworthy brand, and I’ve discovered very quickly that thanks to the great work of our staff, we have achieved this and continue to build it with every job.

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