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Blog Post 16 - Project Griffin

Hello everybody and welcome back. Unfortunately, this week it seems a number of the office team here have been battling the dreaded flu that is wreaking havoc across the country. I thought id spend this week talking about defence and prevention - A topic relevant to us here at Beacon – and talk about the government run Project Griffin.

This is a government run initiative to attempt to help raise awareness in counter-terrorism and staying safe. I’ll attach the link to the .gov site at the bottom of this article so you can read for yourself as well, but I think it’s a positive step in the fight to protect as many people as possible.

One of the best messages that I feel is spread through the initiative is the one of perspective. Whilst the media does well to scare most of us with it’s constant feed of bad events, it is important to remember that whilst the level of threat relayed to us by the government may sometimes be high, it is based on a large number of factors, however we should still remain vigilant.

They also offer advise to people living and working in areas that could be targeted by potential attacks, and have also produced a number of videos that help to explain the recommended process in such a situation.

Of course as a company that provides security to the public, this initiative is very important to be referred to in the work our team carry out.

It’s sad to realise that this kind of document is necessary in today’s world, but hopefully with Project Griffin these potential attacks will be prevented further. I’d recommend to anyone who has a spare 5 minutes that they should give the document a read and watch the official videos, it may just save your life and the lives of those around you!

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