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Blog Post 13 - New Blog, New Ventures

Hi everybody and welcome back to the Beacon Blog for the first time in 2018! I hope everybody had a wonderful festive period and is feeling ready and refreshed to face the challenges of the coming year!

I had a fantastic time off, seeing a number of friends and family and I nicely 'recharged the batteries' so I now feel well prepared to tackle this year head on.

Since arriving back on Tuesday I was pleased to be informed that the holidays ran smoothly for our Operations team who don't stop for the Christmas break and continue to provide a fantastic service 365 days a year. I also began processing quotes and even attended a breakfast on Thursday with our friends at Network Albion - so business as usual well and truly!

Looking forward to the next year we can already map out a large portion of it, with a variety of Exhibitions and meetings already firmly in the diary. My main goal for this year is to continue and further my engagement with our customers and potential clients, in order to build what should be some brilliant working relationships, in the coming months.

Stay posted for more updates on what we're going to be getting up to as the year unfolds and as always thanks for taking the time to read this blog!

Til next time,


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