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Here at Beacon, we recognise the importance of keeping your staff highly trained and compliant with relevant Health & Safety legislation. That’s why we offer a range of courses to suit a wide variety of Training needs.

With over 10 years of experience in the Training sector, our Lead Trainer Paul Robinson believes the best way to learn on our courses is through active participation:

“As someone who’s got the real-world experience to back-up my theoretical teaching, I feel it is integral that those enrolling on Beacon Training courses take part and engage with the rest of the class, rather than a typical ‘sit and listen’ style of teaching. By answering questions and aiding in demonstrations and scenarios, it is preparing the learner for applying their newly-gained knowledge to real life, whether that be administering first aid, deploying the correct restraining techniques etc. When this is backed up by the theoretical elements of any course, our learners are better prepared to pass their course and move forward with their newly learned skills.”

You can book on to any one of our courses through the booking link below – all of our live and available courses will be able to view from here.

We run courses for the Security Industry, First Aid, Health & Safety and more, so be sure to click through below to learn more about how Beacon can help you and your company.

We hope to see you on a course soon!

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