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Social Media Policy


At Beacon, we understand that Social Media is an integral part of people’s lives. The vast majority of us have profiles on a variety of platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and use many of them daily, for a number of reasons. We encourage our staff to positively use their Social Media and are more than happy for staff to list Beacon as their place of work – provided they adhere to our social guidelines. Anything released to Social Media is consumed by the public and accessible permanently, so it's important to be vigilant! Below are a few areas that our staff need to look out for if they’re a Social Media User. Staff must abide by these rules whilst working for Beacon and will be subject to disciplinary action should they be found to be breaching these terms.


Beacon are happy for staff to include Beacon as a place of work within their online profiles, provided the content you post and share remains something that would be appropriate for clients and customers to see. We also insist your profile names/handles in such situations remain appropriate.

Public use:

Employees must not use their personal social media to spread confidential company information or documentation, and must not post negative comments about the company online. Employees may only distribute their work contact details and email address for business purposes and nothing else. Any activity employees partake in on social networking platforms or blogs must not bring the company into disrepute or that might lead to allegations of harassment/bullying/victimisation. Disciplinary/legal action may be taken if they do not adhere to company guidelines on these matters.


Employees must take responsibility for their social accounts and must remain mindful of the consequences their actions online can have and must be aware of the potential impact on their perceived professionalism posting inappropriate messages and images can have.