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Our Company Vision and Culture

Our company vision and culture are important to us. They underpin everything we do.


To be the most recommended security, cleaning and facilities management company in the South East, by giving our clients the highest degree of reliability and responsive support.


COMMITMENT: Wanting Beacon to be the best and doing your part to make it happen.

COMMUNICATION: Listening to each other and understanding other points of view.

DETERMINATION: We overcome challenges that arise with enthusiasm, dedication and resolve.

INTEGRITY: We always do our best, both personally and for the company. Having an intuitive sense of truthfulness in regard to motivations for our actions.

KNOWLEDGE: To continually learn through personal development to provide customers with the best possible information and to educate and train our fellow team members.

POSITIVE APPROACH: We deal with every situation that arises in a positive and open minded way.

RELIABILITY: We can be counted on by our customers, suppliers and fellow team members.

RESPECT: Everybody that comes into contact with Beacon Services will be treated in a manner in which we desire to be treated.